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Linking Policy

Use of links
Linked websites are not under the control of the City of Cape May. The City of Cape May accepts no liability for the availability or content of those other sites. Linked websites are presented strictly as a service to the user.

Linking to 
It is not necessary to get permission to link to or any of its content. When linking to any element or web page within the City of Cape May web site, use the base URL

You may not present our content or elements as your own. You may not format your pages to resemble web site pages. links 
The City of Cape May cannot be responsible for condition or content of any non-City of Cape May link. Links are provided to promote programs, services, policies, and the welfare of the City of Cape May.

No links will be provided without review and approval. All links provided will be considered by these criteria:

• All links must benefit the residents of the City of Cape May
• All links must fit the service and purpose of the webpage on which it is presented.
• Federal, State and Local Governmental links maybe used
• Links to an entity whose activities are in support of the purpose of the webpage on which it is presented may be used.
• Links to Internet tools and services, or links providing information for this website maybe used.
• Links for businesses will not be linked unless required to fulfill the goal of the department sponsoring the webpage on which it is presented.
• Links from pages will be reviewed periodically and removed if they no longer fit these criteria’s.

This list of criteria does not exclude other criteria that may be considered.

The City of Cape May will not enter into reciprocal link agreements.

Please contact the City of Cape May webmaster at concerning any link found on these pages that seems inappropriate or does not fit the above criteria.

Use of this website indicates an understanding of these preceding considerations. This disclaimer may be modified without notice at any time.


Depending on the situation, the City of Cape May via may collect the following information about visitors to our Web site. 

The domain name, but not the e-mail address.  
The e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail. 
Aggregate information about pages the web site visitor would access or visit. 
Information that is given voluntarily (such as contact information or payment information.)
This policy also covers the recording of data required to process credit card, EFT or ACH electronic-checks through financial institutions. This data includes contact information and payment information in order to complete the payment. Depending on the service, this data may or may not be required.     
This information is used only to improve the services provided by the City of Cape May. 



The City of Cape May provides this website and its content for the convenience of all users of the website. This website and its content are subject to alteration and change without notice and are provided on an “as is” basis. Every effort is made to keep the content of this website accurate, up-to-date, reliable and proper. 

Mentioning of any products, vendors, or services is for informational use only and in no way implies an endorsement by the City of Cape May. Any errors or failings of this website brought to the attention of the City of Cape May webmaster at will result in an effort to correct it.

The providing of this website and its contents does not constitute or imply a warranty as to any claims or damages resulting from the use of this website.