Tuesdays: January 7th - March 24th

Facility Services

  1. Box Office

The Convention Hall provides a box office for ticket sales to public events. All events requiring ticket sales must utilize the in-house ticketing system for ticket sales and tracking.  The Convention Hall is affiliated with SeatAdvisor (SABO) a recognized national ticketing system provider.  Tickets may be sold and/or purchased via the internet, telephone, or direct point of sales in person at the Box Office.  Options for payment include credit cards, check, or cash.  The Event Manager will review box office hours, staffing levels, ticket prices, ticket ordering, box office charges and tax regulations.

Standard hours for the Box Office are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM.  In addition, the Box Office is open on most weekends throughout the year, and on some holidays.  The Box Office hours on event days will vary pending the event start time. 

The box office will check all tickets against the show manifest to ensure accuracy prior to opening the sale of tickets to the public. The Convention Hall’s box office will maintain control of ticket distribution, box office operation, ticket sales personnel and ticket sales revenue through the completion of final settlement.

If State Sales Tax is required, then the licensee shall determine if tickets will be sold net tax, or collect the sales tax as an additional amount.  The SABO ticketing system will automatically collect the sales tax as directed by the licensee.  The licensee will be responsible for reporting and paying the sales tax to the State of New Jersey, Division of Taxation.  

The issuing of complimentary tickets to events will be limited to five (5) percent of capacity or as dictated by prudent business practice. Additionally, the Hall may require a determined number of tickets for each show day/performance for its own use.

  1. Facility/Service/Transaction Fees

The Cape May Convention Hall will charge a fee in addition to the established ticket price for facility, service, transaction, or mailing fees to be applied to all public shows with ticket sales.  The required fees will be stated in the agreement for use of the facility and ticketing system.

  1. EMS/First Aid

Any event that requires EMS/First Aid services and personnel may make arrangements with the City of Cape May to secure off-duty Fire Department personnel.  Fees for off-duty City staff may be obtained from the Event Manger.  If vehicular equipment is needed such as an ambulance, then additional fees will be assessed.

  1. Food and Beverage Catering

The Cape May Convention Hall offers a catering kitchen for food service.  The licensee must make arrangements with a food catering service vendor to provide all food products, flatware, dishes, and service staff.  The licensee must secure the required alcoholic beverage permits for serving alcohol. 

  1. Labor Services

Housekeeping and cleaning of contracted areas is included in the basic facility rental. However, depending on the nature of an event, additional housekeeping costs may be incurred. The Event Manager will be able to assist in identifying areas that have potential cost implications.

Staff to assist with the load-in and load-out of equipment may be arranged with the Event Manager.

  1. Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment can be requested and ordered through your Event Manager at the time of booking and up to 72 hours prior to your event. Requests for equipment, or any changes or alterations to equipment setup or operations at the time of the event will result in additional technical fees.  Any equipment requirements beyond what is available in-house must be obtained through an outside vendor at the expense of the licensee.

  1. Public Address and Audio System

The facility is equipped with public address sound systems in the majority of the space. All sound equipment provided by the facility must be set-up and monitored by the facility staff. The sound system is designed for speech reproduction as well as background music.  Review all sound and audio system requirements with the Event Manager, and test the system for acceptable levels of use for your event. The house audio system is designed for use as a public address system (spoken word).  It is not designed for musical entertainment or other loud audio reproductions.

Performing arts, concerts, and other events requiring audio equipment with greater technical capability then the level of equipment offered through the in-house system must be secured from an outside vendor at the expense of the licensee.

The Cape May Convention Hall reserves the right to regulate the audio levels of all events. Licensee must maintain appropriate audio levels as to not disturb nor interrupt other events.  If requested to do so by Event Manager or staff, Licensee must lower volume levels accordingly.

  1. Telecom/Data Transfer

High-speed Internet access is available using our Local Area Network and a Fiber Optic line to a local Internet provider. Wifi service is available throughout the facility. Fees apply.

Fiber, booth interconnectability, video conferencing, direct internet connections, and arrangements for voice, video and data communications services for all areas of the Cape May Convention Hall are available.  Also, single, multiple and data information lines are available. Show management will be responsible for all local and long distance calls or any additional services ordered.

The Cape May Convention Hall wireless internet access can accommodate from 1 to 450 attendees and offer the following built-in features:

• Enhanced telephone connectivity with various configuration options and features, with a number of call enhancement and restriction options.

• Advanced, state-of-the-art wiring and connectivity in every meeting room and throughout the facility.

• Wired and wireless High-speed Internet access and computer networking.

• Hi-Speed connectivity to move your data throughout the facility.

• Connectivity to the facility’s Internet provider, at speeds of 10Mps. Higher Speeds available on request.

• LAN site capability using a client-provided server.

• Audio and Video I/O (input and output) connections in every room, creating a closed circuit environment for focus groups, demonstrations, or other open meeting viewing around the building.

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